Path of the Prophet  

Grants SP
CategoryWorld Event
Level100 (Scales)
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Title: Scion of Growth

Game Update #56
Halas Reborn
May 25, 2010

Note: Your server must have completed all eight druid rings in the Druid Ring Reconstruction Event to open up this quest. You must have completed at least 10 of the druid ring quests to before you can obtain this quest (you can return to prior rings involved with this event to do the quests). Because Kurista remains in Stonebrunt Highlands at the completion of the last ring, you must have the Sentinel's Fate expansion to have access to her.

Speak to Kurista at the Stonebrunt Highlands Druid Ring to begin this quest. Note: If your server had just completed the rings, you may have to relog to be able to get the quest.

Kurista has completed her Ritual of Renewal, bringing back several of the druid rings of old. Now that her task is finished, she has asked me to carry her to the Sanctum of Growth within the Lesser Faydark's Emerald Halls.

Kurista and Eva
Kurista and Eva

  1. Take Kurista to Emerald Halls
    • This step is timed! You have 20 minutes to complete it.
    • Take the Stonebrunt Druid Ring to the Greater Faydark Druid Ring. Head south and take the nearby horse station to Lesser Faydark.
    • Once in Lesser Faydark, take the horse station by the Greater Faydark zone to the Lower Grove station. Go south and climb up the wall that leads to the Upper Grove station. Once there, head northwest to The Emerald Gulch.
    • Lower level characters: Here is some advice for how to get to Emerald Halls safely, courtesy of ZAM user Coille.
      • The easiest way to do this is to hail the Upper Grove station stable master after you climb the wall, and take the Butcherblock station route. The horse will pass some centaurs and ride up across the river on a huge root. Just jump off at that point, and head north on the river bank (not in the river) until you reach a rock wall where you must jump in. At that point you are past any aggro mobs and it's quick and easy to complete. To continue, once you jump in the river continue a short distance north, climb the wall, turn left, and follow the ledge a short distance to a cave. Immediately look right and there is another climbable wall. Scale it (it's fairly high, like the similar one in Greater Faydark), then once again follow the river north, jump in and go north and you will see the Emerald Halls entrance on your left.
  2. Click on the door to Emerald Halls at 162, 1, -64 and choose The Emerald Halls: Sanctum of Growth.
  3. Listen to the conversation between Eva and Kurista.
    • You must follow Kurista to Eva. If you run past her, she will stop and not move again until you are behind her.
  4. Speak with the Chosen of Tunare.
    • After reading her dialogue, the quest will complete. You can leave through the portals off to the west (one goes back to Lesser Faydark, the other is a druid ring portal).


This article refers to events, personae and activities that were introduced for the Druid Ring Reconstruction Event
This event launched on May 25, 2010 and concluded on October 12, 2010.


Below are the full dialogues from this quest.

You have entered The Stonebrunt Highlands.

You say, "Hail, Kurista"

Kurista says to you, "Greetings Player! What would you like to know?"

You say to Kurista, "Is the ritual completed now?"

Kurista says to you, "It is. The time has come. Tunare has summoned me to a sanctum within the Emerald Halls. I will need assistance to get there without our enemies knowing my whereabouts. Will you aid me, Player?"

You say to Kurista, "Yes."

Kurista says to you, "I will change to silvani form, and hide in your pack. Carry me to the Emerald Halls in Lesser Faydark. Please be quick about it! If it takes too long I will cast a spell of recall, because it is safer here."

You say to Kurista, "I will hurry."

You have entered The Emerald Halls: Sanctum of Growth.

Kurista and Eva in The Emerald Halls
Kurista and Eva in The Emerald Halls

Note: Eva and Kurista spoke to each other while the player listened in.

Eva Corunno'thes says to you, "You've made it at last! The Rite of Renewal is completed. What have you remembered, ancient one?"

Kurista says to you, "I remember everything now, princess. I recall the time before the Dream Ring, when I was but a speck of life, unaware of my self."

Eva Corunno'thes says to you, "That is when Tunare spoke to you."

Kurista says to you, "Yes. One day early in that life, I came to rest in the palm of her hand, and she laughed and whispered to me. "

Kurista says to you, ""You are precious!" she said, and then I knew who I was. "

Eva Corunno'thes says to you, "You were the first fae! What was it like, in that time?"

Kurista says to you, "It was joyous! I danced and soared across the forest, spreading her message to the flowers, the trees, and the animals."

Kurista says to you, "Before I knew it, there were other fae. They surrounded me like children, and I told them all how precious they were, and they became aware."

Kurista says to you, "That was eons ago. Long before we became the beings you see today."

Eva Corunno'thes says to you, "Amazing! Then you remember everything. What of the forgotten prophecies? There is a message you must give me, about the prophecy we both dreamed of."

Kurista says to you, "Yes. In another life, still many rings ago, I was called upon by Queen Elizerain to hear a prophecy."

Kurista says to you, "She showed me her jewel of knowledge, imbued with runes of the Nameless, the Lifeguide. She told me how one day it would be lost and I would find it."

Eva Corunno'thes says to you, "You mean you have it!"

Kurista says to you, "I do. But the Lifeguide is part of your destiny, not mine. You are one of the champions who must restore the balance which mortals and gods have destroyed."

Kurista says to you, "Now take this stone and throw off your disguise, for only the chosen of Tunare can wield it!"

Note: Kurista performed some magic and Eva was revealed to be Firiona Vie.

You say, "Hail, Firiona Vie"

Firiona Vie says to you, "Hail, Player. Thanks to your help, Kurista has found her calling, and now I know what I must do."

You say to Firiona Vie, "What is Kurista's calling?"

Firiona Vie says to you, "Kurista shall assume my previous role as Prophet of Growth. It is now my duty to once again walk Norrath as the Tunare's Chosen, and champion the cause of balance."

You say to Firiona Vie, "What will you do next?"

Firiona Vie says to you, "I have heard rumors that my old adventuring companion, Al'Kabor, lives once more. I must confer with him about prophecy. Now that I have the Lifeguide once more, we will be able to unravel the riddle of the Shissar calendar."

You say to Firiona Vie, "Alright. What now?"

Firiona Vie says to you, "I wish that I could do more for you, but I must make haste. The Beast of Ages' End will not stand idly by while we prepare to battle him."

You say to Firiona Vie, "I understand."

Firiona Vie bestows Kurista with power
Firiona Vie bestows Kurista with power

Firiona Vie says, "At last!"

Firiona Vie says, "Kurista, please take a knee."

Firiona Vie says, "I hereby invest upon you all of the divine power and authority once entrusted to me. Arise, Prophet of Growth!"

Firiona Vie says, "To you, Player, I bestow a title for your faithful service. I sense that you, too, have a great role to play in the events which will soon unfold."

Note: At this point the quest auto-completed. Firiona and Kurista didn't have much to say afterward.

You say, "Hail, Firiona Vie"

Firiona Vie says, "Now go! Destiny awaits!"

You say, "Hail, Kurista"

Kurista says, "My work has only just begun!"

You say, "Hail, Kurista"

Kurista says, "''Blessings of the Mother be with you, Player!'"

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