Recipe for Ice  

CategoryGreat Divide
Related Zone:
Required Mobs:
Min Coin: 29g, 85s, 79c
Max Coin: 32g, 94s, 88c

You must first complete Zalyn's quest, Abducting the Abductors, before Bethra will offer you this quest.

Speak to Bethra Lartius at -117, -335, -29 at the Daggerflow Camp within Great Divide to begin this quest.

  1. Kill 6 tundra spheres. These can be found near waterfalls up in the Daggerflow Glacier area.
    • There are several around -121,-301,-164 , north (and up the glacier) from Bethra
  2. Return to Bethra Lartius to complete the quest.

Abducting the Abductors Great Divide
Quest Series
Daggerflow Camp
Bethra's Crystal Desires
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