Doggone It!  

CategoryQueen's Colony
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Required Mobs:
Min Coin: 1s, 70c
Max Coin: 1s, 89c
A Diplomatic Gift
Torn Scout Pants

This quest is given by A Lost Scout in the Queen's Colony. He is climbing a tree at +271, -5, -11 because three Morak Devourers are beneath the tree, trying to eat him. You need to kill them and then click on him to help him down. He will then give you the quest.

He first asks you to get some revenge by killing 5 Morak Devourers nearby. After doing this return to him. If you take too long he will be back in the tree. You can get him down by repeating the same process as before.

He will then ask you to explore Sapswill Hill and the Abandoned village. Both of these right around +147, +1.3, -132 to +165, -0.5, -126. The village is on the hill.

After this you must kill 5 more Morak Devourers. Finally return to the Lost Scout. This isn't the end though. He gives you a Diplomatic Gift and asks you to give this to the Sapswill Soothsayer.

The Sapswill Soothsayer is a friendly goblin located up in the treehouse to the north (-71, +13.5, -163). He will give you your reward when you speak to him.

Isle of Refuge
Quest Series
Queen's Colony
A Diplomatic Mission
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