Saphronia's Request  

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Bag of Gold Fairy Dust

This is a sub-quest of Casualties of the War of the Fay.

You need to get a power source to reactivate Sir Gearheart. Maybe the clockworks of Klak'Anon have something you can use.

  1. Go to Klak'Anon and then head to the Court of Innovation at 11.02,11.37,85.55 .
  2. Clear the zone till you get to the end where you need to kill King Klak'Anon.
  3. After you kill the second king the Master Clockwork Protocol comes to life and tries to kill you.
  4. Head back to see if it works for Sir Gearheart.
    • When you get back right click on Sir Gearheart, then insert the MCP power cell
  5. Talk to Princess Saphronia to receive your Bag of Gold Fairy Dust.

OOC The Master Clockwork Protocol is a reference to the Master Control Program, the big-bad of the movie, "Tron". He also had a shield around him that had to be removed before he could be destroyed.

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