End of Immortality  

February 22, 2011

I've been sent on dangerous mission by the Ragebourne Clan to find the source of King Tormax's apparent immortality. If I am able to find the source, I must destroy or corrupt it to deny Tormax this awesome power.

  1. Obtain an Enormous Metal Key.
  2. Talk to the captive orc, Wolfsnack.
  3. Speak with Wolfsnack again to have him show you how to enter Tormax's Hidden Treasure Chamber.
  4. Help Wolfsnack unlock the Hidden Treasure Chamber.
  5. Investigate the opening below the throne. Solve the throne room sequence to gain access to the treasure chamber.
  6. Dispel the thaumaturgic magic surrounding the Horn of Hsagra.
  7. Report back to Graeme Gordon.

Using the help of a captive Thrael'Gorr named Wolfsnack, I have found the source of King Tormax's hidden power, the Horn of Hsagra. Having now successfully destroyed the Horn my allies and I have denied the Kromzek King the power to preserve his life indefinitely.

Kael Drakkel
Quest Series
Throne of Storms

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