Shattered Memories  

Related Zones:
Min Coin: 15g
Max Coin: 15g
Void Shard

Mission Info
Group Miragul Shard
Level 60 to 80
Expires in 2 days
Void Shard
Shadow Odyssey Faction Missions
Miragul Shard

It might be possible to find pieces of Miragul's memories, locked away within The Crucible. If I can find a way to collect those memories and return them for study, they could provide valuable insight into Miragul himself. I might have to locate keys to open the memories and release them, so I should search for those as well.

  1. a chest of shattered memories
    a chest of shattered memories
    I will need to locate shattered remains of Miragul's memories. I will likely need keys to obtain them.

OOC The key mechanism seems a bit odd, since every mob drops one, but this was probably added to prevent farming of cleared instances.

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