The Tenebrous Tangle Creature Cataloging  

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Level70 (Scales)
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This catalog quest is started by reading The Tenebrous Tangle Creature Catalog, a book purchasable from several vendors in Kingdom of Sky zones and elsewhere. It is completed by cataloging the following creatures:

The Temple Grounds

  • a Torpid bloodbloom (along the river) -29,31,-4
  • a Hewn stone drake (part of ring event on the pyramid for the Wurmking, right side at river mouth)
  • a Scaleborn warrior (all over the island) 277,10,-36
  • a Storm cell (liquid elementals, near river mouth) -3,45,-126
  • a Twilight gorg (on the mountains above the Sanctum of the Scaleborn) 93.4,58,-107
  • a Scaleborn sentry (all over the island) -163,-9.4,91

Hidden Refuge

  • a Vigilant froglok paladin 111,-215,196

Ravasect Incursion Point

  • a Vornerus spellspinner (next to the cloud pad) 366,246,-823

Gazer Isle

  • a Wicked gazer (through the archway after the cloud pad) 889,453,77
  • a Gloompall gustbreaker (next to the cloud pad) 866,455,126

Vicious Breeding Grounds

  • an Azure drakeling (on top of rock formations not far from cloud pad) 608,-150,273
  • a Thundermaw drake 690,-154,526

Fear Tainted Isle

  • a Deadly bloodbloom 141,230,875
  • a Summoned frightling (all over the island) 162,228.5,815

Vultak Scavenging Site

  • a Strifewing raptor (all over the island) -651,133,-112

Tenebrous Tangle
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