Enduring Friendship  

CategoryThe Ruins of Guk: The Lower Corridors
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Required Mobs:
Related Items:
a broken axe
an ancient statue of Valor
a tarnished mug

The ghost of a dwarven warrior needs your assistance. first, find his lost equipment, which should be scattered withing the Lower Caverns. Once he has his equipment, I should follow him while he seeks out his lost companion, so that they might find eternal rest.

  1. Find the equipment. Parts are scattered throughout the zone.
    • Find his broken axe - -107, -16, -104 on the weapon rack near the jails.
    • Find his lost shield - in the ramp room just below the named Hand room at -65, -61, -272 .
    • Find his lost mug -203, -31, -250 in the corner near the winding ramp to the named troll.
  2. Turn in these parts to A lost dwarven spirit, near the beginning of the zone at -96, -1, 35
  3. Find and hail A lost barbarian spirit in the room where the mug was at -186, -36, -196 .
  4. Kill four daz spiriteaters. They will spawn until everyone who needs updates has them.
  5. Hail A lost barbarian spirit again.
  6. Help guide the dwarf to his companion, the lost barbarian spirit. He walks SLOWLY.
    • NOTE: Everyone in the group must hail the dwarf at the front of the zone at the same time.
    • The dwarf will stop three times and ask for directions. Guide him as follows: left, straight, right.
  7. Hail the dwarf to turn in your quest. Enjoy your AA points and 5 minutes of your life you'll never get back spent shepherding this dude around.

The Ruins of Guk
Quest Series

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