CategoryGraystone Yard
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Min Coin: 1s
Max Coin: 1s, 18c
Boilfist Brew
Mav's Brew

Mav Boilfist, near the dock in Graystone Yard, offers you this quest after you finish A Family Recipe.

She has made her brew and wants you to take some to various NPCs around the city. Right click on the keg near her to get the brew and then deliver it to:

  • Gnor Farven in the tavern
  • Gurna Hadel in the tavern
  • Dunga Frostgrip southwest of the scribe's shop

Return to Mav for reward, 20 Boilfist Brew and some coin. This opens up the A Family Recipe Quest.

A Family Recipe Qeynos Villages
Quest Series
Race: Dwarf
Greystone Yard
A Package
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