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Ancient Bronze Amulet

This is one of several quests given by Disciple Shula in the Pillars of Flame.

She sends you to T'Narev, the home of the Ashen Order monks. This is due north of the merc camp, beyond the goblin area. Once there, the quest updates and asks you to speak to Cong Zi of the Ashen Order ( +338,-101,-1324 ) .

He tells you to seek out The Living Tombs, and gather five stoneware fragments. Head to Sinking Sands and enter the Living Tombs over by the gnoll oasis (look for a water duct, hop up then clickie the rocks). The fragments are broken pots, clickies:

Just as you enter the instance there is a broken water duct perpendicular to the duct you come in on. The first three fragments are there.

  • -604,+9,+317 near entrance, in the broken water duct
  • -561,+8,+313 near entrance, same duct
  • -501,+8,+317 near entrance, same duct

The last two fragments are in the duct that leads to the Priestess' Court. From the Trade Court (the big room right at the entrance to the instance) head southwest through the short tunnel to the Residence Court. Follow the long path west until you see a path heading south. On the left side of the south path there is an oiled wall. You will need to do the sub-quest A Slippery Situation before you can climb the wall. After you do this and climb the wall, run north and jump onto the broken north-south aqueduct. At the north end of this duct there is an east-west duct. One of the remaining fragments is to the left of the intersection and the other is to the right.

  • -294,+14,+291 in a water duct, western (?) room, had to climb up to it
  • -418,+14,+288 same duct, other direction
Return to Cong Zi and he'll tell you to head back to Disciple Shula for your reward. Shula then sends you to the lands of Char'Gin to talk with Siraj al Din to continue the series of quests.

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