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Speak to Dort Lumrick at 1243,-540,268 on Thurgadin Harbor in the Great Divide to begin this quest.

  1. Speak to Datti Corywocket at 1165,-480,432 (upper level of docks) about copying the book.
  2. Click the machine next to Datti to turn the crank (six times).
  3. Speak to Datti.
  4. Kill 3 icebound shell-crackers in the waters around the docks.
  5. Return to Datti.
  6. Turn the crank (six times) again.
  7. Use a Stack of Newly Printed Pamphlets on 5 Gnome Pirates on the docks.
  8. Return to Dort Lumrick to complete the quest.


You get to be a PIRATE! What other reward do you need?

See the database panel, above, for the rest of your booty!

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