Shards of Frost & Fire  

This is the third quest in the Karana deity series.

Askr sends you to Lavastorm and Everfrost to retrieve two shards.

  1. Speak to Sumarvaldr in Solusek Valley, and do whatever he asks of you. -59.43, 0.09, -482.15
    • Go to Lavastorm and make your way to Temple of Solusek Ro in Lavastorm, find the clicky door which opens to the back part of Lavastorm. Sumarvaldr is where the volcanus are. Speak to him about the Shard of the Storm Reaper.
    • You must defeat Sumarvaldr in combat to receive the shard.

  2. Shard of the Pines: Seek out Faythwen Summerglade at the revive tent at Bitterwind Gulch on the shore in Everfrost.
    1. Hail her. She sends you to retrieve the two pieces of the shard from the Kromise.
      1. One piece is in the hands of a giant named Arnbjorg.
        • Arnbjorg is on the Lady's View near Permafrost at 34, -9, -1237 or 150, -9, -1251 . Kill him for the First Half of the Shard.
      2. The other is being held by a giant named Gudrun.
        • Gudrun is in the tunnel on way to Permafrost at -9.43, -9.85, -1147.68 . He will not appear until you have killed Arnbjorg so don't worry if he isn't there. Kill him for Second Half of the Shard.
    2. Once you have both halves of the shard examine the First Half of the Shard to combine them.

Return to Askr for your reward - the scroll for your pet.

This then opens up the next quest in the series, Sticks and Stones.

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The walkthrough info in this article came from this thread on the eq2players forums by Pheep and Ennis.

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