Handbook for the Recently Deceased  

Grants AA
CategoryThe Sundered Frontier
Related Zone:
Choice Of:
Shard of Compressed Memories
Cursed Doll of Cruelty
Ceremonial Knife of the Ritualist
Petrified Kobold Tooth
Faction Changes:

  1. Apparently you managed to upset Bai'Yun.
  2. Head to -238.82, 256.58, 3239.3 and use the ramp to get out of the village.
  3. Once outside, head to 559.38, 119.74, 3976.71 and hail Jin'tu.
  4. Next, use "Jin'tu's Gift" to get back into the village.
  5. Head to -513.21, 294.68, 3122.56 and hail Bai'Yun to complete the quest.

OOC The Handbook for the Recently Deceased was given to the protagonists in the movie Beetle Juice shortly after they died.

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