Brink of Annihilation  

CategoryTimorous Deep
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The Archtome of Haoaera
Min Coin: 17s, 43c
Max Coin: 19s, 59c

Tallk to Makrug Tel'Kor in side Mok Rent

  1. He will send to to find the sage known as Geflak within the hills of Haoaera at ( 1886,168,-477 ) . Note: You must be on the quest to be able to see Geflak.
    • Take a right as you leave the cave, follow the water to where it ends, then head right (northwest) into the hills to find him.
  2. Once you have found and spoken to Geflak, you will be attacked by Varkrys Doomfeather (lvl 16^ Heroic) and two haoaeran fanatics (lvl 16 Heroic). Kill them and loot The Archtome of Haoaera.
  3. Return to Makrug Tel'Kor for your reward.

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