A Deeper History of the Truthbringer  

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Bayden's Altar of Mithaniel Marr
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This is the fourth quest in the Mithaniel Marr Deity quest line. It opens after you complete Eternal Rivalries. Talk to Sir Bayden Cauldthorn in Greater Faydark to start it.

Sir Bayden wants you to go to Everfrost to salvage pieces of an old ferry to Halas.
These are harvestable items on the ocean floor past Permafrost that spawn in the area around 232,-100,-1567 and surrounded by drowned halasians who are level 50 ghosts. Collect six pieces of wood to advance the quest.

Next, you must go to Loping Plains to investigate grave of Corsan Dushire in The Village of Somborn. His grave is located at -451,14,72
On examining the grave, the Ghost of Corsan Dushire will spawn and lead you to a bandit camp outside of Somborn, when he gets to the right plave he will stop and point. In the camp should be a grave robbing bandit - approximate location for the spawn is -449,-17,-145 . Kill the bandit for your update.

Return to Bayden in Greater Faydark. He tells you that you must now travel to Smokehorn basin in Steamfont Mountains and challenge The Smokehorn Champion for his totem. He spawns in the Smokehorn Crater area as an NPC at first but becomes a level 65^ when you challenge him. Kill him and return to Bayden to complete the quest.

This opens up the quest Trials of the Truthbringer.

Eternal Rivalries Mithaniel Marr
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Trials of the Truthbringer
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