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Level100 (Scales)
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Ulteran Displacer
Quellithulian Token of Appreciation

An Ulteran Portal in Loping Plains
According to the Quellithulians, the extra-planar creatures have begun appearing in the areas around the Ulteran Spires, but not in the physical plane. Rather, they seem to exist mostly in an alternate plane that borders Norrath's. These creatures are disrupting the Spire's ethereal threads, making the repair of the broken Ulteran Spires difficult. The Quellithulians have asked that I seek out these creatures using a special device, and destroy them.


You are given an Ulteran Displacer for this quest. Run around zones with broken spires and you will see portals occasionally. A few seconds after being near a portal, an extraplanar entity (straight con, even to your level) will step out and attack.

  • I must destroy the extra-planar creatures - (0/9)
  • I should return and report my success to the Quellithulian Portal Warden

There are many portals to be found in a zone, and each one with a set location. After an entity is defeated you'll have to find a new portal.

This article refers to events, personae and activities that were introduced for the Quellithulian Spire Event
This event ended when Game Update 54 went live.
EverQuest II

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