CategoryStarcrest Commune
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Min Coin: 1s, 16c
Max Coin: 1s, 23c
Soul Spike
Erud's Wristband of Warding
Nullification Stone
folding stand

Maareona wants you to destroy the Sould Spike in a public display. She gives you a Nullification Stone and a Soul Spike.

  1. Go to Cayan Sable to get some materials.
  2. Put the display in the central area of Starcrest Commune near The Fountain of Deep Reflection
    • When you get by the fountain examine the stand to place it.
    • The stand appears in front of you. Right click it to place the Soul Spike.
    • The Spike appears, right click it to destroy it.
    • Note that Velderoth Malraan objects.
  3. Return to Maareona.
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Quest Series
Race: Eurdite
Starcrest Commune
Delivering News
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