Frostfell Fanatic!  

CategoryWorld Event
Level100 (Scales)
Santa Glug's Sleigh

In 2013 this quest was retired in favor of the Achievements, Frostfell Fanatic!. Rewards have been moved to merchants. This record is kept for historical purposes.

Inspect the Call to Frostfell Fanatics received inside your in-game mail during the holiday to begin this quest. This quest is non-repeatable.

The objects that have alternate locations listed are for those who still need the update after completing a quest that is only repeatable once per year. Most alternate locations are inside Frostfell Wonderland Village unless noted otherwise.

I have been challenged to prove myself a Frostfell Fanatic by finding mysterious Frostfell objects within a myriad of Frostfell instances and events!

There must be mysterious Frostfell objects within the myriad of Frostfell instances and events!

  • Find a mysterious Frostfell object. This is a plate of figgy pudding.
    • Found in the Frostfell Wonderland Village on a table southwest of the giant rainbow slide at 222, -37, -1267

  • Find another mysterious Frostfell object. This is a Frostfell tree snowglobe.
    • Found in McScroogle Corp. HQ in the east-northeast corner of the ground floor around -8, 1, -21
    • Related quest: Saving Frostfell
    • Alternate location: Upon completing Saving Frostfell it will appear behind Queen Bunny at 279, -35, -1359

  • Find a curious Frostfell object. This is a bowl of apples and a skull.
    • Found in the Gigglegibber Gifty Storehouse in the ice cube infested room with food on the tables at -101, 2, -82 .
    • Related quest: Raiding the Gifty Storehouse
    • Alternate location: This quest is repeatable every 18 hours so there is no alternate location.

  • Find another curious Frostfell object. This is a purple gift box.
    • Found in Gnip Gnopp's Gizmo Shop on a bench in the far northern end of the ground floor at 195, -12, -64 .
    • Related quests: The Giftgiver's Dilemma and Gnopp's One Stop Shop
    • Alternate location: Upon completing The Giftgiver's Dilemma it will appear behind Gardy Ex-Giftgiver at 264, -34, -1345

  • Find a peculiar Frostfell object. This is a sack of coal.
    • Found in Mr. McScroogle's Boudoir at 6, 0.14, -5 .
    • Related quest: A Frostfell Favor
    • Alternate location: Upon completing A Frostfell Favor it will appear near Mr. McScroogle at 480, -35, -1564

  • Find another peculiar Frostfell object. This is a rack of ice weapons.
    • Found in either the Hard or Easy versions of The Icy Keep just outside of the western tower at 58, 0, -80 .
    • Related quests: It's Time to Sleigh the Dragon!, Covering Your Snow Tracks! or Mission Improbable...
    • Alternate location: Covering Your Snow Tracks can be infinitely repeated so there is no alternate location.
    • Note: If Snarf Frostfoot will not talk to you to receive It's Time to Sleigh the Dragon, it is because you need to speak to Aildiun Mawdrun behind the magic closet at 50, -4, -1179 and do the Mission Improbable... quest first. You can receive the weapons rack during Mission Improbable.

  • Find a marvelous Frostfell object. This is a blue and white gift box.
    • Found in The Gigglegibber Hideout (Frostfell) behind the broken gnomish clock in the king's room at 188, 1, -325 .
    • Related quest: The Tale of the Gigglegibber Grump
    • Alternate location: Upon completing The Tale of the Gigglegibber Grump it appears behind Pinchy Presentpeeler in Qeynos Harbor at 735, -21, -42 or West Freeport at 242, -4, -65 .

  • Find another marvelous Frostfell object. This is a leather-wrapped gift box. It can be found inside any of the player cities, but only one is needed to update this step.
    • Freeport - Found in West Freeport outside the stables at 153, -4, -97
    • Gorowyn - Found in Timorous Deep on The Academy of Warfare platform at 2549, 120, 1257
    • Haven - There is no update in Haven, so Exiles will need to sneak into one of the other cities for this step.
    • Kelethin - Found in Greater Faydark outside of the Order of Arcane at 272, 107, 388
    • Neriak - Found in Neriak, City of Hate next to the mailbox in the New Foreign Quarter at 86, 24, 132
    • New Halas - Found in Frostfang Sea inside Ravens' Roost at -335, 176, -91
    • Qeynos - Found in North Qeynos, Qeynos Capitol District, outside Irontoes East at 339, -21, 134

  • Find a magical Frostfell object. This is a giant butterscotch ball, and is only visible while on a Frostfell Candy Grab quest.
    • Antonica - On a rock at 52, -17, -25 by the start of the Frostfell Candy Grab: Antonica.
    • Commonlands - On a rock at -1182, -7, 54 , near Elmin Olnara.
    • Alternate location: none, since the Candy Grab quest is infinitely repeatable.

NEW in 2012!

  • Find another magical Frostfell object. This is a tiered Frostfell cake.
    • Found in Cheriweth's Confectory at 44, 50, -143 , left of where Candice appears.
    • Related quest: Merry Mischief
    • Alternate location: Upon completing Merry Mischief it appears on the table near Candice Cheriweth in Frostfell Wonderland Village at 172, -36, -1544 .

Find someone to give these mysterious Frostfell objects to.

  • This is Ginger Snaps inside the Frostfell Wonderland Village. She is found by the Frostfell Stove & Kegs at 165, -36, -1539 .

bowl of apples
blue and white gift box
plate of figgy pudding
purple wrapped gift box
rack of ice weapons
sack of coal
leather wrapped gift box
Frostfell tree snowglobe
a giant butterscotch ball
a tiered Frostfell cake


Timesaver! This quest has steps, hunting areas, or mob targets in common with the following quest(s).

Quest Series
Frostfell Fanatic!

ZAM would like to thank Leucosia of Test for assistance with some locations.

Occurs annually during the winter holiday season.

Introduced for Frostfell 2010.

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