A Big Entrance  

I've met Malina MacFristy, a member of a preternatural clan of barbarians called the Ragebourne who swear allegiance to their ascended former clan leader, Sullon Zek. I've agreed to help them in their objective to undermine the Kromzek storm giants by first smashing Kael Drakkel's main entrance defenses. Despite their trust in me to accomplish this dangerous mission, they have not yet told me of their greater intentions.

  1. Destroy the 5 ballistae within the Arch of Tormax.
  2. Meet with Josiah Lindon at -814, 105, -25 in the tunnels past the Arch of Tormax.

I've destroyed the main defenses at the Arch of Tormax and have met with another member of the mysterious Ragebourne clan named Josiah Lindon.

Kael Drakkel
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