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Frigui is also looking for the Drednever team. One of their bots is inside the Treasury of Claw on the Isle of Desolation.

  1. Find the missing bot.
    • after talking to Frigui Togginscog run up through the vally behind him, it will take you to the Treasury of Claw. The Loc is 532,307, -635 . Mobs are level 63, solo.
    • Attack the named Varuke Strifewing at 193, 56, -1 it will run before you can finish it off then climb the decorative wall behind him.
    • The bot is upstairs at 144, 81, 0 . It is straight east from the top of the wall, you can see it smoking. When you inspect the bot you will be jumped by a Varuke Strifewing, kill it. You may then retrieve the bot.
  2. Return to Frigui.

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