Exile to Neriak - Spell of the Crawling Skin  

Level100 (Scales)
Related Zone:
Required Mobs:
Faction Changes:

  1. Drizas N'Ryt in Darklight Wood sends you to collect (uncommon updates):
    • These can all be found around 605.47, -41.77, -199.17
    • 4 bristly carapaces from a bristly spinners
    • 4 poison sacs from a poisonous spinners
    • 2 fresh webbings from a voracious spinners
  2. Collect 3 eggs from within The Funnelweb Depths.
    • These are found either next to trees or inside the cave around 659.79, -48.42, -144.58 .
  3. Once that is complete, return to Drizas N'Ryt.

Neriak Betrayal and Citizenship
Quest Series
Helping Neriak

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