Beating the Concordium to the Punch  

Grants SP
CategoryCity Tasks
Related Zones:
Required Mobs:
Related Items:
a Rujarkian relic
a Rin'Dal tablet
City Token
Faction Changes:

Tier 6 city writ designed for groups. Given by Elon Gallwin in the Academy of Arcane Science guild in North Freeport. He asks you to do one of four random quests:

  • Find a number of Rin'Dal tablets in the Living Tombs before the Concordium gets them.
  • Hunt down Rin'Dal alchemists in the Living Tombs.
  • Study the magical properties of the Steelslave vanquisher armor. Collect twenty pieces.
  • Gather Rujarkian relics scattered around the Clefts of Rujark before the Concordium can get them (2nd floor war room)

Reward is faction and personal and guild status.

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