A Necessary Component  

This is another quest offered from Philip Glaslow once you have completed Recovery.

Philip would like you to gather some plant samples from the area around the Druid ring in Loping Plains near -415.26, 27.05, 432.84 . In order to do this, he provides you with some seeds to plant.

Head to the Druid ring to plant the seeds. It seems that they must all be planted a distance from one another, or you will get a message saying "the soil is too weak for the seed to grow".

If you plant a seed and get the above message, the seed can be recovered as it appears to be a "shiney" on the ground and will be added back into your inventory if you collect it.

When you plant a seed successfully, it will sprout up as Philip's Plant a few seconds later and be harvestable. Each harvest of Philip's plant gives you one update.

NOTE: Updates from harvesting Philip's Plants seem to be irregular by design. If you do not generate enough updates from the original 10 seeds Philip provides, return to Philip and he will give you more.

Once you have collected 5 Plants, return to Philip for Reward, Completion, and to open the next quest in the line, Additional Samples.

Recovery Loping Plains
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Village of Somborn
Additional Samples
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