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dongle-sweep particle buoy
high-quality arcanic tracer
hyper-organic suppressor

Neezer would like some higher quality parts.

  • a hyper-organic suppresor, from shipment C68F near the South Freeport gates ( 23, 3, 18 )
  • a high-quality arcanic tracer, purchased from Qwergo Togglesmeet ( 56, 3, 69 ) for 26c.
  • a dongle-sweep particle bouy, purchased from Twergo Togglesmeet ( 56, 3, 69 ) for 16c.

Take it all back to Neezer. He gives you another blast capsule, put it in the device and hail Neezer.

Now you need a pig. Get one from Frondo Wignin at 109, -4, 106 . Back to Neezer. He instructs you to put it in the cage. The device makes it disappear, which makes Neezer rather happy. Hail him for your reward and the next quest.

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Race: Gnome
Temple Street
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