Pick and Choose  

Grants AA
Related Zone:
Related Items:
rough bloodstone
bonded loam
browncap mushroom
severed teak
fulginate cluster
ashen root
Min Coin: 53s, 57c
Max Coin: 59s, 97c

This quest is given by Vashazdar in the Feerrott. Once you get past Vash's attitude problem, he sets you to finding a few foraged items:

  • 6 Rough Bloodstones from the Hermetic Stones
  • 6 Ashen Roots from the Musty Roots
  • 6 pieces of Severed Teak from the arbors
  • 6 Fulginate Clusters from the Aluvion Ores
  • 2 Browncap Mushrooms from shrubs
  • 2 Bonded Loam from ore

After obtaining these you can return to Vashazdar to listen to him complain about your ineptness and receive the next quest in line Fern Memories.

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Fern Memories
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