Kestrel Pot Pie  

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Kestrel Pot Pie
an ice shroom
Min Coin: 12s, 2c
Max Coin: 13s, 3c
Kestrel Pot Pie
Choice Of:
Scout's Shortbow
Empowered Totem
Brawler's Belt of Shurikens
Vanguard's Shortbow
Empowered Holy Symbol
Thug's Knifebelt

Alice Swamprunner has asked me to help her prepare a meal for the New Halas City Festival.

  1. I must collect ice shrooms for Alice.
    • These are found in the caves leading to Erollis Dock. You need 5 of these.
  2. I must kill 3 downy kestrels for Alice's pie.
    • These are near the south entrance to the city, around -134, 146, 81 .
  3. Return to Alice with the items and she will cook her meal.

To receive your reward you must click on the pie that appears on the table next to her.

Frostfang Sea
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