Rock Collecting  

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gray rock
Min Coin: 11g, 82s, 49c
Max Coin: 12g, 91s, 54c
Choice Of:
Wide Bladed Backstabber
Shattering Morning Star
Wall of Congealed Magma
Buckler of Congealed Magma
Chakram of Spinning Demise
Orb of Congealed Magma
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Faction Changes:

Game Update #51
Elements of Corruption
Live: March 31, 2009
a gray rock
a gray rock
Blisterzonk asks you to go and collect two gray rocks. These are their own seperate nodes and can be found in Najena's Valley and Magma Grotto. They use the gathering skill and despawn after 1 pull.
  1. Once you have those, you need to find a single, ashen rock. For some reason, these still work off the gray rock nodes, so pick up another of those.
  2. Next you have to find a sooty rock. Again, these work off the gray rock nodes for an inexplicable reason.
  3. The next rocks to find are light black rocks. You need two of these. Once again, gray rock nodes work.
  4. When you have those, go find a single, light gray rock. Again, gray rock nodes work.
  5. Now you need a dark gray rock. Go hunt another gray rock node.

That's all the rocks you need. Return to Blisterzonk to finish the quest and loose some Sootfoot faction (Stupid goblins, don't ask). Magnurmal, who is outside the tent, will now also give you quests

Quest Series
Sootfoot Talent Society
Instant Jerky
Truly Outrageous
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Yes, this quest gives negative faction. The Sootfoot Talent Society is strange; the worse your faction, the better they treat you.

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