Outlying Freeport Creature Cataloging  

Level15 (Scales)
Started ByOutside Freeport Creature Catalog
Outlying Freeport Creature Catalog

This quest is initiated by reading the "Outlying Freeport Creature Catalog" book. This book is sold by Sage Nevarius Orvalis in the North Freeport Academy. The quest consists of cataloging creatures in various Freeport area newby dungeons:

  • a rust monster - Sunken City
  • a bulky brine sifter - Sunken City
  • a decaying darkfathom - Sunken City
  • a plague rat - The Graveyard
  • an undead fighter - The Graveyard
  • a wooly spider - The Graveyard
  • an exiled orc - The Ruins
  • a blood viper - The Ruins
  • a shoreside asp - The Sprawl
  • a gravel viper - The Sprawl
  • a black magi fanatic - The Sprawl
  • a wild dog - The Sprawl
  • a giantslayer thug - The Sprawl

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