Cold Heat  

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Glowing Bronze Idol
Regular Bronze Idol
Shiny Bronze Idol
Heavy Bronze Idol
Dull Bronze Idol
Tiny Bronze Idol
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Min Coin: 15g
Max Coin: 15g
Void Shard

Mission Info
Group Najena's Forge
Level 60 to 80
Expires in 2 days
1 Void Shard
Shadow Odyssey Missions
Najena's Forge

An Idol
An Idol
The Thexian Dragoons have sent me into The Deep Forge to see if the mysterious bronze idols are cold to the touch. These bronze idols are like 2" tall. They are VERY hard to see.
  1. Touch 8 idols and kill a hammer
    • A small bronze idol, 27, -6, 5 , near the entry, down ramp to the left.
    • A regular bronze idol, 129, 0, -73 , in the main room at the far NW corner near lava flow.
    • A heavy bronze idol, 110, 1, 9 , in the forge room on a table
    • A tiny bronze idol, 14, 0, -51 in the main room on center platform left and across from Cruhm the Overseer.
    • A bulky bronze idol, -129, 0, -41 , in the main room at the far SE corner near lava flow.
    • A glowing bronze idol, -13, 0, -250 , to the right of Firelord Kaern in the corner.
    • A dull bronze idol, -105, 0, 21 , on the library floor up against a wall, to the left of a desk.
    • A shiny bronze idol, -20, -11, -157 , in the boss room, inside the lava pit in front of Firelord Kaern. You may swim down into the lava to pick it up (after drowning the magmaborns), or you may kill the Firelord, lower the lava again, and then pick it up. If you choose to swim, the lava deals very little damage.
    • Kill an automated hammer from the Netherflame Forge room (kill update as of December 2008)
  2. Return to Isxot D'Zyath

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