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Tasty Brontotherium Bone
Min Coin: 29g, 85s, 79c
Max Coin: 32g, 94s, 88c

You must begin this quest while in the Great Divide.

Use your Gryphon Call and select "Want to go play fetch?".

  1. You receive a Tasty Brontotherium Bone. Right-click and "use" it to throw it for your pet.
  2. Wait for the gryphon to return with the bone.
  3. When it doesn't return you have to go find it! Where it is at is very random, so use your map to see the Region of Interest that your griffawn is expected to be at. Remember there are two "halves" of Great Divide and therefore two maps. Track works, but it shows as "griffawn", not as whatever you've named it. Reported locations:
    • Snowfang Isle around -933, -523, -2,054
    • Blisterrock Ridge at -39, -370, -672 (watch out for aggro spiders and steam walkers)
    • Above the Storm Gorge Staging Camp at 525, -333, 840
    • Near the waterfall outside of Thurgadin at 356, 17, -44
  4. Hail your griffawn to complete the quest.

If you have not done all the side-quests yet: in 18 hours you can pick another training lesson for your griffawn!

If this is your final side-quest: Congratulations! Hail your gryphon pet and you will receive another "Quest Complete!" box where you can pick your new gryphon mount, as well as receive some more experience and money.

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