This Won't End Well...  

CategoryWorld Event
Level100 (Scales)
Related Zones:
Required Mobs:
    Related Items:
    a nearly lethal bite
    Ghoulish Night Tapestry
    Choice Of:
    Somborn Double Lightpost
    Sathirian Skull Candlestick
    Ghoulish Night Cloak

    With the horses added to Loping Plains in 2008, there is really no danger if you approach from the Greater Faydark side.

    You begin this quest by speaking to Freid DeeKat (evil alignment) or Skeer Deekat (good alignment/exile) in one of the following places:

    • Gorowyn at the bottom of the city by the water at 2573, 8, 1229
    • Haven at -42, -69, -56
    • Kelethin at 284, 106, 134
    • Neriak near the docks at 17, 4, 327
    • New Halas near the center of the city at -103, 147, -13
    • North Qeynos outside Sneed's at 288, -20, -51
    • West Freeport outside the bank at 182, -4, -81


    1. Travel to the Loping Plains.
    2. Once there, go to Somborn Cemetery at -430.00, 15.00, 65.00 . You will be knocked unconscious and the quest will update.
    3. You wake up in someone's house. Boris Vonarstein will tell you to ask around the village to find out what happened.
    4. Find Proctor Eiolie at -370.79, 13.65, 0.17 .
    5. He will update your quest and send you into the Haunted Mansion next to him.
    6. You must now complete the There Will Be Ghosts quest. This quest auto-pops once you zone into the Haunted Mansion.
    7. Once that quest is completed, go back outside and talk to Proctor Eiolie. This will complete the quest.


    Choose from one of the following:

    This quest can be completed once per year.

    Nights of the Dead
    Quest Series
    There Will Be Ghosts
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    Nights of the Dead
    (Introduced in 2008)

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