A Split Heritage  

CategoryWillow Wood
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Min Coin: 24c
Max Coin: 27c

This is the first in the half-elf racial quest series. First talk to Gar Smolten (+876, -632) behind the inn, examine the crates next to him, and then talk to him again answering his questions about the contents of the crates (I dont know if the labels and contents vary for players - herb box contained herbs, raisin and dried dates box contained bottles, wood carving box contained clay figures, clay figures box contained raisen and dried dates, and bottles box contained wood carvings).

Second talk to Lia Serene (+817, -583) near the Eldarr Grove gate. Lia will ask you to gather 3 fallen eggs from the ground at northeast corner of the inn-roof (+847, -630), tree near the entrance to the docks (+843, -672), and tree along path to The Forest Ruins gate (+867, -589). Return the eggs to Lia.

Finally return to Daelyn. Leads to A Joined Heritage quest

Qeynos Villages
Quest Series
Race: Half-Elf
The Willow Wood
A Joined Heritage
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