Ham and Beans  

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Ham and Beans
a handful of halasian beans
Min Coin: 12s, 2c
Max Coin: 13s, 3c
Ham and Beans
Choice Of:
Forged Blade
Empowered Totem
Forged Tower Shield
Empowered Holy Symbol
Forged Axe
Forged Cestus

Barker Gordon would like me to help him prepare his recipe of ham and beans for the New Halas City Festival.

  1. I must collect halasian beans for Barker's meal.
    • These are found in inside the Pilgrims' Hearth tent at 92, 154, 3 . You must click the basket to collect them.
  2. I must kill Bentor the Mighty for Barker.
    • Bentor is in a pen at the side of The Stone Hammer at -91, 153, -133 .
  3. Return to Barker with the items and he will cook his meal.

To receive your reward you must click on the plate of food that appears next to him.

Frostfang Sea
Quest Series

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