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a Crushbone troop manifest

This is the second quest in the "Goddess, Orb and Void" line. It is initiated by talking to Rooleean Felodaan in Greater Faydark once you have completed "Corruption in the Faydark".

  1. Rooleean asks you to seek out an Elf named An'Dil Siriion at the Docks in Butcherblock Mountains to determine where the next void fragment can be found. His exact location is at 756.16, 26.03, 588.38 , on the Butcherblock Docks in a tent.
  2. He sends you to The Acadechism, a heroic instance accessible from the roof of Crushbone Keep in Greater Faydark, to find an Orc who has a list of Emperor D'Vinn's loyalists. The Orc you are looking for is the Crushbone Quartermaster. He is found by taking the right hall from the entry, and following the halls around to -50, 3.22, 38.99 . Kill the Quartermaster for your update. It's important to note that you may not want to kill any other names in Acadechism as this will set your lockout timer and prevent you from returning to the instance for another name you will need later in the quest line.

Now that you have killed the Quartermaster and acquired your list, return to An'Dil at the Butcherblock Docks to complete the Quest, and open up the next one in the line, Acquiring the Second Fragment.

Corruption in the Faydark Goddess, Orb, and Void
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Acquiring the Second Fragment
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