Prove Yourself  

This is the first in a long series of progressional quests in Nektulos.

It begins with Bruhn K'Viir on the beach at 667.84, -0.90, -280.32 . He asks you to drop supplies off at three scout camps near the docks. You do this by interacting with three barrels near tents at:

  1. 547, -0.6, -47
  2. 756.10, -.9, -353.18
  3. 496.55, 2.10, -523.08

When you interact with each a supply vigilante will spawn and attack you. These are level 21 solo mobs. They can be killed, but it is not necessary.

After inspecting all three you can return to Bruhn for your reward and to open the Trust Must Be Earned, Part 1 quest.

Nektulos Forest
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Trust Must Be Earned, Part 1
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