Charge of the Leatherfoot Brigade - Frambert  

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This is the third in The Sarge's Leatherfoot Brigade line of quests. It is given by The Sarge after completing the Doopy quest (see related quests).

It requires you to destroy the alarms in two different locations.

One is on the second floor of the last building you get to in the first market. It's located at 125.96, 12.47, -108.92 . It's a glass globe, right clicking on it allows you to try to smash it but it says "its protected by a magic field".

The second alarm is in Little Neriak on the top (3rd) floor of the big building in the middle at 198.13, 28.55, -119.12 . Trying to smash that gives the same message. Then the quest tells you to go back and tell The Sarge that the alarms are not smashable. This completes the quest.

Charge of the Leatherfoot Brigade - Doopy Fallen Gate
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Charge of the Leatherfoot Brigade - The Sarge
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