Acts of Contrition  

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Ring of Mercy
Ring of Valor
Ring of Generosity
Rings of Contrition
The Truth of Marr

This quest is for the Mythical version of the Paladin-only Epic Weapon, The Truth of Marr.

  1. Go back to Izzal Din, in the Jarsath Wastes -689, -108, -854 .
    • Izzal was amazed at the weapon that I obtained at The Tabernacle of Pain.
    • He explained that it is the reformed metal tablets that once held the tenants of Marr, it The Truth of Marr spent a detrimental amount of time within the demi-plane The Sphere of Malevolence, and as a result of that time it has become corrupted.
    • He believes that there must be a way to cleanse the sword and restore it to its prior glory.
  2. Priestess Avarona Wenhaver in North Qeynos at the The Temple of Life 10, -4, -11 knows of an old text that may hold the key to restoring the sword.
    • According to an ancient text, I am to cure the irascibility of the once gallant item with rings of contrition.
    • The priestess also warned me that they must be well guarded or with in clutches of very powerful beasts
  3. You must acquire the 3 rings of contrition
    • What beasts could possess the rings of contrition, and what could they be?
    1. Ring of Valor: body loot from Imzok's Revenge in Protector's Realm.
    2. Ring of Mercy: body loot from Tairiza the Widow Mistress in The Tomb of Thuuga.
    3. Ring of Generosity: body loot from Hoshkar in Veeshan's Peak.
  4. Inspect a ring after you get all 3. Head back to Izzal Din and you're done!
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