Dragoon K'Naae of the Thexians  

This is the heritage quest for the Shiny Brass Halberd.

Initiate this quest by speaking to Dragoon K'Naae in the northeast section of Nektulos Forest, just outside the zone to Darklight Woods ( -1373, 30, -1336 ) . You must be level 24+ to begin this quest.

The first order of business is to acquire 30 Owlbear Meats in Nektulos. These drop on the Ash Owlbears in the zone around -559,41,132 . Some owlbears are solo and others are heroic, so be careful here. After doing this return to K'Naae.

He will then ask you to collect 30 Undead Skin Scraps. You can obtain these from the flesh beings and patchwork men near the entrance to Nektropos Castle in Gargoyle Gorge. After acquiring all 30 return to Dragoon K'Naae.

He will then give you a flask of water which you must fill at Behemoth Pond ( -226.33, 2.97, -237.49 ) in Nektulos Forest and return to him. The return is timed, you have 9 minutes to run it. The submitter made it back with three minutes to spare with journeyman's boots and spirit of wolf. You could also use the griffon stations to travel between Darklight and Commonlands, which should only use up about 2-3 minutes of your time.

You will then be asked to kill Captain T'Sanne at the Citadel of Gul'Thex ( 666, 0, -719 ) to recover a weapon from him. Captain T'Sanne is a triggered spawn from a short ring event. When you enter the citadel, you will see some skeletons inside at the bottom level--kill them. Sometimes a second wave will spawn, then the Captain (who 29-30^), but if the second wave does not spawn you will have to wait for the small ring event to reset (about 10 minutes).

When you get near Dragoon K'Naae you will be ambushed by three Ebon Mask Assassins. Kill them (watch your AoEs so you don't aggro K'Naae!) and speak to Dragoon K'Naee to complete the quest.


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