Acting on a Hunch  

CategoryLesser Faydark
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a Thexian beverage sample
Min Coin: 15g, 15s, 54c
Max Coin: 15g, 36s, 89c
Choice Of:
Gemmed Chain of the Sandmage
Gemmed Chain of the Dunestalker
Gemmed Chain of the Desert Sword
Gemmed Chain of the Sun Priest
Faction Changes:

It seems the Nybrights are none to fond of the Wu Sun fella's and are trying to frame them with the poisoning of the Thexian's drinking supplies and leaving articles of the Wu Suns behind. Go get Master Lu Sun some samples of the Thexian beverages from some barrels.

Find 3 brew samples. These are 3 barrels in a tent at -586.40, -61.50, 485.45 , south-southwest of the Greater Faydark zone out. Unlike most of the mobs in the area, the mobs around the tent are still Heroic so this will take enormous care if solo. Return the Samples to Grand Master Lu Sun.

After completing, Lu Sun will ask you to wait a moment. Wait about 3 minutes and hail again. He will then offer you "Applying an Antidote"

Note: If you also have the quest A Strange Brew, you can complete both quests by examining each barrel twice.

Thexian brew barrels
Thexian brew barrels

Wu's Edict of the Material Lesser Faydark
Quest Series
Wu's Encampment
Applying an Antidote
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