Planting the Evidence  

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Damaged Droag Armor
Min Coin: 12g, 82s, 30c
Max Coin: 13g, 91s, 33c

a marked spot
a marked spot

Speak to Scout Nan'Dor at The Sel'Nok Scout Encampment, -1705,270,-36 , in Jarsath Wastes. To get there, choose the Sel'Nok Camp Post option from the Skyfire Mountains sokokar trainer.

He asks you to plant 10 pieces of droag armor in locations marked by Sel'Nok scouts.

The spots are green shinies scattered around the areas south and southwest of the encampment. When you get the message "I should look around for the location to cast aside the incriminating droag armor", have a good look around because you are near one of the green glowies (they don't pop until you are right on them).

Reported locations include:

  • -1305.83, 211.71, 306.52
  • -1353.60, 210.13, 318.33
  • -1403.31, 207.29, 469.06
  • -1405.57, 204.46, 540.41
  • -1473.05, 205.89, 371.11
  • -1515.09, 205.90, 339.92
  • -1590.27, 206.34, 327.08
  • -1606.84, 206.81, 363.83
  • -1676.76, 228.04, 208.96

Return to him for your reward.

Jarsath Wastes
Quest Series
The Sel'Nok Scout Encampment
Faction: The Sel'Nok Brigade
Wurms, and Devourers, and Drakes. Oh, My!
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