Learning the Ropes  

Related Zone:
Related Items:
bogberry branch
Silvani sisal
Faydark flax
Min Coin: 76c
Max Coin: 1s, 85c
Choice Of:
Kelethin Chain Boots
Kelethin Plate Boots
Kelethin Linen Sandals
Kelethin Leather Sandals

  1. Harvest the following (in any order):
    • Harvest some bogberry plants near the ponds beneath Kelethin.
      • Bogberry Plant can be harvested at or near loc -71, -11, 72
    • Harvest some type of flax plants near the large roots of the trees that support Kelethin.
      • Faydark Flax can be found near large roots of the kelethin trees: 95, 64, 270 and 204, 61, 218 .
    • Harvest some form of sisal found near the rocky areas in Greater Faydark.
      • Silvani Sisal can be harvested at or near 196, 62, 279 and 143, 23, 433 (granite hills)
  2. Return to Traeger Verdegreen.

The End of the Grender Greater Faydark
Quest Series
Handling the Merchandise
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