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cleansing salve
Min Coin: 92c
Max Coin: 1s, 2c
a gnoll paw

Adalin needs your help. He knows of evil sprites and asks help cleansing a number of trees in Oakmyst. He warns to watch out for evil gnolls.

Cleanse trees in the following locations with the Cleansing Salve he gives you. Trees are located at:

  • West of the gates to Castleview Hamlet 899,3,-207
  • East of Western Falls (west of first tree) 940,5,-1977
  • East of the entrance to the docks 922,3,357
    • cleansing this tree spawned a vv level 7 gnoll corrupter

Reward - a gnoll paw after killing the gnoll corrupter, then return to Adalin and tell him of the gnoll attack. He asks me to take the gnoll paw to Lieutenant Charlin, so that the Qeynos Guard will believe the threat.

Lieutenant Charlin is just West of Adalin at 788,7,-202 . Show the paw to him, and receive additional reward of 97c and +125 faction to The Tunarian Alliance.

Sending Word Qeynos Villages
Quest Series
Race: High Elf
Oakmyst Forest
Natural Causes
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