Mercenary Contract - Owlbear Extinction  

Grants AA
CategoryNektulos Forest
Related Zone:
Required Mobs:
Min Coin: 17s, 43c
Max Coin: 19s, 59c
Choice Of:
Dragoon Femur Bone
Thexian Leadership Badge
Token of the Thexian Assailant
Thexian Charm of the Battlepriest

This is one of several kill tasks from Stalker Pulsarian in Nektulos Forest. He can be found next to the bridge that leads to The Commonlands. The reward is coin and experience.

In this case he charges you to kill 20 Ash Owlbears in Nektulos Forest.

Nektulos Forest
Quest Series
Commonlands Gate
Mercenary Contract - Stealing from the Shadows
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