Leandre's Shard: Pietre's Requests  

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This quest is part 7 of 9 for the Fabled version of the Coercer-only Epic Weapon, Eye of the Siren.

  1. Speak to Pietre V'Noquett in Neriak, City of Hate
  2. Find 3 items in different zones:
    1. Find a firestone cooled in an elemental pool
    2. Find a fear-imbued coolstone.
      • Drops from the a Sathirian researcher in the laboratory in Sebilis roughly at -300, -22, 345
    3. Find a hingestone.
      • It's a clicky update in Chardok. You have to clear all the way down to The Chardok Palace and have green/blue/red portal access. Once you get down to the palace you will notice it looks just like Kor-Sha zone in. The hingestone is up the left staircase in a room with 3 ^^^ Sarnak. It's sitting on the bookcase at 899, -21, 264 .
  3. return to Pietre V'Noquett in Neriak, City of Hate.

Leandre's Shard: Seeking Pietre Coercer Epic Weapon
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