A Broken Heirloom  

Tuurho Tuiijah (-293, -57, 430) in the Court of the Fae in Lesser Faydark gives this quest. He asks you to find his father's necklace since he has heard reports that his father was killed by void creatures in the Shadowed Grove area of Lesser Faydark.

All three updates are received by killing any of the void creatures in the shadowed grove: a shadowed man invader, a corrupted growth essence, or a nightblood invader. The quest steps are revealed one step at a time.

You need to find: a broken clasp a necklace chain a brooch

Return to Tuurho with the three items to complete the quest and receive +100 faction for The City of Kelethin and around 14 gold.

Lesser Faydark
Quest Series
The Fae Court

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