The Power of Hate  

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Fires of Anguish

This article refers to events, personae and activities that were introduced for the Shard of Hate World Event, which went live with GU44 on 4/8/2008, and ended 5/12/2008 with GU45. This record is being kept for historical purposes. Any quests from this event that are still in your quest journal should be deleted.

Starting the Quest

Every evil-aligned city and many of the villages have a "satisfied" or "delighted" NPC that starts this quest:

  • In North Freeport, speak with a delighted human at ( -31,-20,-300 )
  • In Neriak, speak with a satisfied darkelf at ( -6,-17,-54 )
  • In Gorowyn, speak with a delighted human at ( -18,-11,-76 )
  • villages?


  1. Speak with Xilania Nevagon, the Seraph of Hate in The Spires of Innoruuk in Neriak, City of Hate (-496, 45.94, 272)
  2. Go to the Nightsong Opera House and kill Sorndinn De'Tretlar. The Opera House can be found at (-672, 29, -28). Go into the building and up towards the stage area to trigger Sorndinn, who will spawn and attack you. He is a solo mob who scales to your level.
  3. Return to Xilania after killing Sorndinn. She now sends you to speak with Sabstin V'Despth, Priestess of Hate (-249, 28, 170).
  4. Sabstin needs you to harvest 12 rancor quartz; these are small rocks that spawn along the rock walls within Neriak.
  5. After harvesting the 12 quartz, return to Sabstin. Next you must go out into Darklight Wood and bury the 12 rancor quartz near the settlements. To do this, click on the small dirt piles found near the areas with NPCs
  6. After burying the 12 crystals, return to Sabstin for your reward.

Reward: fires of anguish

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