Broken Equipment  

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Essence Injector
Min Coin: 10s, 18c
Max Coin: 10s, 32c
Faction Changes:

You receive this quest from Tecera Valnos after doing some quests for Capt. Feralis at the Crossroads. Tecera can be found near the Hidden Canyon Griffin Station at 574, -46, 712 . She tells you to go to the houses south of The Ruins of Val'marr and look for an essence injector. They are located in crates just outside the houses. Now kill the undead around you to obtain undying essences. You will need six and they are a common drop. Now go find and repair the Arcnaic Sentries. They can be found near:

  1. North-western: 588, -47, 163
  2. Western: 592, -47, 287
  3. South-western: 557, -56, 366
  4. North-eastern: 345, -47, 176
  5. Eastern: 358, -44, 319
  6. South-eastern: 356, -47, 375

Now report back to Tecera Valnos for your reward. I got 10s 23c and +100 faction with the Freeport Militia. This also opens up The Bloodskull Threat quest.

Tecera Valnos Commonlands
Quest Series
West Freeport Gate
The Bloodskull Threat
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