Binding Nipik's Haven and Fina's Retreat  

CategoryEastern Wastes
Related Zone:
Required Mobs:
Min Coin: 14g, 90s, 39c
Max Coin: 15g, 99s, 44c
Shrine of Prexus
Choice Of:
Pulsing Adornment of Agility
Pulsing Adornment of Strength
Pulsing Adornment of Wisdom
Pulsing Adornment of Intelligence
Faction Changes:

You must have completed both Caged Calamari and The End of an Era (Great Divide) to receive this quest.

Speak to Chief Dampion at -1121, -532, 3385 in Nipik's Haven in the Eastern Wastes.

  1. Speak to High Shaman Lien at -1138, -531, 3304
  2. Gather components for the ritual:
    • Kill 8 molten spheres around -715, -336, 3326 in the Flamespout Fields (they are generally found near any flaming mountains)
    • Kill 8 rubble dervishes around -257, -433, 3532 in the Flamespout Fields
    • Kill 8 blizzard dervishes around -989, -344, 2331 in the Howling Pass
  3. Return to Lien, who is now outside of her cave at -1155, -533, 3340
  4. Wait for the ritual to complete, then speak to Lien again to complete the quest.

ZAM would like to thank Symphonia of Splitpaw for the pre-req information.

Caged Calamari
The End of an Era
Eastern Wastes
Quest Series
Nipik's Haven
A Message to Osh
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