Cleansing of the Tause  

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Tause Seed
Min Coin: 22s, 51c
Max Coin: 22s, 68c
Lucent Gem of Prowess
Choice Of:
Forged Dagger
Forged Mace
Forged Staff
Forged Knuckles
Forged Sword

Tuathil wants me to take the Tause seed to Sapphire Pond, south of Emerald Lake, and deposit it in the water. This will begin the cleansing process that will wipe the taint of the orcs from all they tried to corrupt.

  1. Sapphire pond is South-East of Emerald Lake at -889.96, 67.52, 482.63 .
    • Activate the seed while in the Pond to get your quest update. After doing so, return to Tuathil.

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