Ambushing the Arcanist  

CategoryKylong Plains
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Thisk's Varis Beacon
Arcanist's Anchor
Nerve Toxin
Min Coin: 6g, 88s, 19c
Max Coin: 7g, 97s, 22c
Faction Changes:

  1. The Arcanist's Anchor, deployed
    The Arcanist's Anchor, deployed
    Go to the second floor of the tower in Sulassk Post at -998, 12, -737 . Note: Sokokar travel is available from Kunzar's Edge to Fens of Nathsar Post, and you can use your Jump button (spacebar) to interrupt the flight as you pass the tower.
  2. Use the Arcanist's Anchor
  3. When Arcanist Thisk appears, use the Nerve Toxin to incapacitate him.
  4. Search his body for the Varis beacon
  5. Return to Hraen Vutha

Sometimes Thisk is un-clickable after being poisoned. You can petition if you want but all they are gonna say is delete the quest and retry it. Hraen will restart this quest and give you another Anchor and Nerve Toxin.
Reported: 10-16-2013

The Hardest Part Kylong Plains
Quest Series
Kunzar's Edge
Faction: Residents of Teren's Grasp
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